Leslie's creates an individual creation with stylish interior d├ęcor solutions for your home. When you visit Leslie's, you are assured of the most unique designs, elegant appearance and quality Curtains and Blinds in Perth and beautiful finish for your window treatments, including blinds, curtains, screens and shutters.

Leslie's is celebrating 50 years of providing excellence in soft furnishings for homes in Western Australia. You can trust us with making your most important asset a beautiful and comfortable environment in which to live.

Leslies Curtains and Blinds not only provide individuals with high-quality soft furnishings, it also works in conjunction with architects, designers and project builders.

Our comprehensive services include complete colour selections for your interior design requirements, advice on how to control the temperature and light in your rooms and access to the very best fabrics from all over the world. From experienced staff to hand-stitched finishing touches, your experience with Leslie's Curtains and Blinds will be outstanding.

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